ACT training

Offering an authentic critical thinking (ACT) course in your school will turn your students into life-long learners, and help them become curious, compassionate, and objective knowers of the world.

Our training sessions and resources are all about embracing this opportunity, and developing lesson and course strategies – as well as an overall mindset – that will ensure students (and teachers!) feel empowered by ACT, and see it as a way to both enhance and support their learning.

ACT training

Find out how our in-school and online workshops can help all members of your learning community – dedicated critical thinking teachers, the rest of the faculty, and students – to become authentic critical thinkers. Read more here.

Our webinars look at a wide range of topics related to encouraging critical thinking amongst our students, and how to develop the skills to get them there. Read more here.

Our online video courses enables you up to upskill at your own pace, and develop the confidence and knowledge to deliver an authentic critical thinking course in your school. Read more here.

We’ve helped hundreds of schools around the world, and thousands of educators and students, become authentic critical thinkers, and we’re very proud of our achievements. See what people have been kind enough to say about us here.