Final products

Your authentic critical thinking (ACT) final product is a record of your interaction with the ideas from the course, and a self-evaluation of how well you have honed your critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

The final product you create will provide tangible evidence that you have grown as a thinker, challenged your own assumptions, and listened and learned from the opinions and thoughts of others.

The ACT portfolio is a unique final assessment product that showcases students skills as authentic critical thinkers, and demonstrates their grasp of key ideas and thinkers that play a role in how we understand the world. Find out more here.

Not only do our ACT resources help turn students into nuanced, sophisticated knowers of the world, they also help them choose a topic for an extended project qualification, and suggest ways to explore and structure it. Read how to align ACT learning with the EPQ here.

We also offer a wide range of resources to help your 14-16 year old students carry out their higher project qualification (HPQ). Use them to introduce topic ideas to students, and develop the skills they will need to create a great artefact or essay-based project. Find out more here.

The younger ACT final products allow primary and middle years students to showcase their skills as authentic critical thinkers. They include the middle years thinking portfolio, and the primary years critical thinking certificate. Find out more here.