Middle years portfolio

Middle years portfolio

The middle years portfolio is a similar task to its senior level relative, and invites students to gather together a collection of assignments showcasing their critical thinking skills.

To access all our guidance and resources on the younger ACT final products, you’ll need to be a Faculty member of the site.

The middle years portfolio is a collection of assignments, chosen by students, that showcase authentic critical thinking skills. Examples of assignments include a mind map, a journal, a presentation, and an artefact exploration – but students should be encouraged to design their own assignments. Read more here.

We’ve created a simple rubric and self-reflection form to enable schools to fully evaluate the extent to which students have demonstrated the key ACT skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. It will give you a clear blueprint to help students create a great final product. Read more here.

Our exemplars of middle years portfolio components, such as mind maps, journals, presentations, and artefact explorations, demonstrate the kind of qualities students should be aiming for when they create their middle years portfolios. Read more here.