AK1 Foundations

Welcome to AK1 Foundations

AK1 (Foundations) invites students to look at the fundamental nature of knowledge, and what it means to be a member of an epistemic community.

We ask questions such as: How should we define knowledge? To what extent do we create our own versions of reality – and why? How much can we trust our memories? How do we test for truth?

Fully-updated resources for a ChatGPT world

Aspects of Knowledge provides students with a set of skills, a mindset, and a conceptual framework designed to be applied to today’s world. But given how quickly society changes, ensuring resources remain relevant is a big challenge, and not one that can be met by static resources such as textbooks.

We have updated and edited all our resources for the 2023-24 academic year, to ensure they are driven by the very latest real-world events. And responding to the rise of AI-tools, lessons now feature extensive activities focused on ChatGPT, helping students use it ethically and effectively.

Using this course as a pathway towards an extended project

Our resources are designed not only to improve the authentic thinking skills of your students, and introduce them to the ideas of the most influential minds from the past and present, they are also designed to help you provide your students with a launchpad for their extended projects.

In the context of this unit, students could use the lessons to create an extended project on designing a modern education system, what the implications are of our minds viewing reality in a subjective way, the extent to which we can trust our memories, and the lives and legacies of Rene Descartes and John Locke.

Download a sample AK1 lesson presentation

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