ACT webinars

Our live and recorded webinars explore a huge range of issues related to delivering an authentic critical thinking course in your school, and help students and teachers take ownership of key ideas and issues related to this.

Please also check out the large range of free webinars offered by our sister-site,, on our YouTube channel. Many of these will introduce you to concepts at the heart of ACT.

Watch our ACT webinars

Find out what we mean by ‘authentic critical thinking’, the benefits it brings to both learners and teachers, and how it can be implemented in your school. Watch here.

In November 2022, our panel discussion explored how to channel – not curtail – children’s natural critical acumen about the world. Special guests were Sarah Kupke, Julie Bogart, and Andrew Rothman. Watch the webinar here.

Your ACT portfolio is your demonstrable proof that you have done the authentic critical thinking course, and are on your way to becoming a nuanced knower about the world. Watch the webinar here.

Not only is the ACT course a brilliant intellectual experience in its own right, it also helps you to create an extended project, such as an HPQ or EPQ. Watch our webinar on how to achieve these two aims here.

In November 2023, we’ll be discussing whether AI is the destroyer of education, or its saviour, and the relationship that exists between it and critical thinking. On the panel will be Andrew Rothman. Coming soon!