Thinking Hub memberships

Thinking Hub memberships

Thinking Hub membership gives you access to our monthly newsletters, our classroom-ready courses, and a host of other brilliant 4C teaching and learning resources.

Not only will we help you to hone your students’ 4C skills, we’ll also help them to create an authentic, engaging, and tangible final product to showcase those abilities to universities and places of work.

Purchase a membership

Follow the links below to find out about our memberships, and join Thinking Hub in a few seconds. If you have any questions about membership features, or our payment options, get in touch with us using the contact form below.

Faculty Membership

Faculty membership gives everyone in your learning community access to our teaching and learning resources, enabling you to run a continuum of 4C thinking throughout your school. Find out more here.

Student Membership

Elite membership gives all the features of Faculty membership, but with a live online workshop for your whole learning community, dedicated email support, and a different rate for in-school training. Find out more here.

Elite Membership

Student membership provides access to a selection of our resources, to enable you to develop your 4C skills on your own, and strengthen your university application profile. Find out more here.

Use the site for free

There are plenty of resources you can use on the site for free, plus you can download a lot of sample resources. We also offer free versions of our newsletters, which you can subscribe to here.