Senior ACT resources

Our resources for 16-19 year-old learners include full length ACT courses, the monthly newsletter, the ACT mini-lessons, and a wide range of other innovative materials that will help students create final products such as the EPQ and senior portfolio. Follow the links below to access the resources.

Access the senior ACT resources

Every month, we gather 20 thought-provoking events, issues, and controversies from around the world, provide you with media sources to explore them, and offer classroom-ready ‘mini-lessons’ that invite you to think about them in a critical way. Access the newsletters from the last 12 months here.

Disruptive Ideas is a course of classroom-ready lessons based on ideas that will disrupt students assumptions and expectations. As they encounter each one, they’ll learn key concepts, and meet life-changing thinkers, helping them to become authentic critical thinkers. Access the course here.

Aspects of Knowledge offers a similar course of lessons as Disruptive Ideas, but which we’ve structured around the six different aspects of knowledge, that act like a critical thinking lens through which we can make sense of the world. It comprises 60 lessons in total. Access them here.

Our mini-lessons ask students to reflect on their opinions and perceptions of the world, before testing them via the exploration of recent media sources and peer discussion. A final exit task invites them to confront (rather than confirm) their biases and assumptions about the world. Access the mini-lessons here.

Investigating Issues curates 150 major global issues, provides a diverse collection of media sources to explore each one, and offers question and unpacking suggestions to link them to learning, and develop authentic critical thinking skills. Access the resource here.

We provide a wide range of additional resources to enable you to deliver the course in whatever way you want. These resources include the TED Talk Companion, the ACT Filmography, and ACT for parents. Find out more here.