The ACT portfolio

It’s one thing to be able to say that you’ve done a critical thinking course, and that you’re able to think objectively and effectively about the world, but it’s another to actually prove that you have developed such skills. Everyone likes to think they are a critical thinker!

Your ACT portfolio will provide you with clear and tangible evidence that you’ve grown demonstrably as an authentic critical thinker, and have taken ownership of key ideas and thinkers that will help you to understand the world in a nuanced, sophisticated way.

The ACT portfolio is a collection of assignments, chosen by students, that showcase authentic critical thinking skills. Examples of assignments that could be chosen include podcasts, video documentaries, group presentations, artefact explorations, and essays. Read more here.

We’ve created a simple rubric and self-reflection form to enable schools to fully evaluate the extent to which students have demonstrated the key ACT skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. It will give you a clear blueprint to help students create a great final product. Read more here.

Our exemplars of ACT portfolio components, such as podcasts, video documentaries, group presentations, artefact explorations, and essays, demonstrate the kind of qualities students should be aiming for when they create their ACT portfolios. Read more here.