Middle ACT resources

Our resources for 11-16 year-old learners include the Thinking for Yourself course, the monthly newsletter, the mini-lessons, and the Worldviews course, with final products including the HPQ and middle years portfolio. Access the resources below.

Middle years ACT resources

Our Middle Years Newsletter is designed for students aged 11 – 15, and helps them to apply a critical thinking approach to the very latest news events and issues. Alongside the Primary and Senior Newsletters, it enables schools to create a continuum of authentic critical thinking. Access the newsletter archive here.

Our middle years mini-lessons enable any teacher to run thought-provoking learning activities, link their subject to contemporary issues and events, and encourage students to challenge their assumptions about the world. Access the middle years mini-lessons here.

Thinking for Yourself is a classroom-ready course that introduces learners to some of the key ideas and skills related to authentic critical thinking. It comprises 14 different lessons featuring a range of brilliant thinkers and concepts, and gives students a powerful lexicon of knowledge-related terms. Access it here.

Our Worldviews course invites younger students to explore some of the ways in which we construct our personal and group identities, develop an understanding of the human and natural world, and how this affects our ability to interact with each other. Download the classroom-ready lessons here.