Aligning the EPQ rubric with ACT

The aims of authentic critical thinking (ACT) and the skills our resources seek to develop in students align beautifully with the key aspects of the extended project qualification rubric, which is why they work so well in combination.

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Our authentic critical thinking resources can significantly benefit students undertaking the A-Level Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in several ways:

Enhanced Research Skills: Critical thinking courses often emphasize effective research techniques and source evaluation. This is invaluable for EPQ students as they need to conduct thorough research for their projects.

Analytical Thinking: Such courses teach students to analyze information critically, helping EPQ students in evaluating and synthesizing data effectively for their projects.

Structured Argumentation: EPQ requires students to present a structured argument in their project. Critical thinking courses can help students build clear, well-reasoned arguments and improve their written and verbal communication skills.

Problem-Solving Abilities: Critical thinking courses encourage problem-solving and creative thinking, skills that are essential for identifying research gaps and developing innovative solutions in an EPQ.

Source Credibility: EPQ students must ensure the credibility of their sources. A critical thinking course can teach students how to critically assess sources, ensuring the validity and reliability of information.

Diverse Perspectives: Critical thinking courses often explore diverse viewpoints and encourage students to consider multiple perspectives, helping EPQ students approach their projects with a well-rounded understanding of the topic.

Time Management: EPQ projects demand strong time management skills. Critical thinking courses can assist students in prioritizing tasks and meeting project deadlines.

Confidence and Presentation Skills: EPQ often requires presentations or viva voce examinations. Critical thinking courses boost students’ confidence and presentation abilities, preparing them for this aspect of the assessment.

In essence, a great critical thinking course equips A-Level EPQ students with essential skills, making them more effective researchers, critical thinkers, and communicators. These skills not only enhance their ability to excel in their EPQ but also serve them well in future academic and professional endeavors.