ACT & the HPQ

Not only do our authentic critical thinking (ACT) resources help students to develop into nuanced, sophisticated knowers of the world, they also help them to hone the right skills for the HPQ, select a great real-world topic or issue to explore, and decide on the perfect artefact to create.

Follow the links below to access resources that will help you both deliver a brilliant critical thinking course, and support them create an effective extended project.

Many schools want to help their students to become more effective critical thinkers, but may be constrained by time, and left feeling that timetable issues make it too difficult to offer both an HPQ and a critical thinking course. See how our resources can help you can do both things at the same time here.

The big decision students have to make when they begin their higher project is whether to write an essay, or produce an artefact. Our resources can help you carry out both of these, but in slightly different ways. Explore the pros and cons of choosing each one here.

The aims of authentic critical thinking (ACT) and the skills our resources seek to develop in students align beautifully with the key aspects of the higher project qualification rubric, which is why they work so well in combination. Download our alignment document here.

If your students do both GCSEs and A-Levels, you’ll be looking to establish a natural progression from the HPQ to the EPQ. By setting up a critical thinking course that runs throughout your school, and which forms a pathway for students to carry out both these assessment tasks, you will achieve this. Learn more here.

See a range of exemplar HPQ titles and outlines that can been created directly from our resources, and which apply an authentic critical thinking lens to a topic, issue, or central idea. They will give you a clear idea about how to use the site to help you create your HPQ. Find out more here.